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Business + Life Improvement + Relationship Coaching

Service Description

Get guidance on starting or growing your business, pursuing purpose, and stepping out on faith. If any of these sounds like you, book a call below and let’s talk! *You need help rebuilding your life or focusing on purpose. *No matter what you do, you feel like your love story is getting worse. *You want help understanding if it’s time for you to move on or hold on. *You feel like too much time has passed for God to restore you and your prodigal. *You’ve been waiting on your prodigal or for God bring you someone for your God ordained love story for a long time, and want to know what's your next steps are or how to move things along. *You have trouble believing that God will actually reconcile you and your prodigal or rather redeem you with someone He will bring into your life because you’ve been through traumatic situations. *Any other issues related to your God ordained love story, and or with reconciliation or redemption *You have a business idea but don’t know where to start. *You need help rebuilding your life or focusing on purpose. *You have already started a business but don’t know what next steps you should take to start growing. *You need help identifying how to connect your passion and purpose in business. *You need practical steps to overcome limiting beliefs about your ability to succeed. *You need help identifying how your purpose could translate into business opportunities *You need coaching in overcoming your fears concerning starting your business *You need help identifying your God-given talents and abilities. ✨For Dream Interpretation , make sure to book an appointment that includes it, click here. Otherwise, this information will not be offered! ✨ For Extra Time, Please email to ask us if we could make that time slot available. An additional 30 mins will be an additional $80.

  • 45 min
  • 280 US dollars
  • Zoom or Phone call

Cancellation Policy

✨ Coaching Sessions will not be refunded if canceled. To reschedule, email Rescheduling must be done within a month's time of first booking. Please make sure to email on time. ✨ There are also no refunds for joining Kemi's Mentorship Academy. Please be mindful of this. For academy inquiry reach out to Kemi at

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