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Hey SIS!

Are you tired of feeling held back and not reaching your full potential? I know I've been there, and I'm here to help you break free from those limitations.

My name is Kemi, and I've created a community led by myself Folakemi Stinson, minister and life coach (Life improvement, Relationships, & Business), just for you. It's a supportive space outside of social media, where you can discover your inner Proverbs 31 woman, overcome your challenges, and reach your full potential.

I've heard from so many women who need guidance and support in the areas of prayer, encouragement, motivation, and instruction. That's why I've created this group with all of those things in mind. From Faith, Fitness, Food, Finances, Fashion, ALL IN FRIENDLY FUN!

This is your year to see God move in and through your life, and I'm here to help you make it happen. Let's conquer those challenges and reach your goals together!

***For the next 31 days, you'll have access to all the resources I will share and the support you need to help you succeed. And after those 31 days, the community will be audited and available for you to sign up for the next 31 days, to continue your journey with me.***

Don't worry about the price. I've made it affordable and partnered with my sponsors to offer payment plans. So, there's no need for you to hold back any longer.

I'm excited to see you thrive and reach your full potential. Let's do this together!


Pay here, then you will get an invite into our private community!

Join the "Proverbs 31 ME" Personal Development Group

$110.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price

    Kemi has been my life coach going on 3 years this October. I first sought of her when she shared her testimony in regards to her God ordained spouse, but quickly saw the innovative entrepreneurial side of her that I admired. I came across her ministry in the midst of a lot of heartache in 2020. I recently had lost my mom in Feb 2019.  Kemi’s heard it all from profound relationships, two God ordained spouses that didn’t chose me to me forming my first LLC. I’ve learned so much from her wisdom that’s rooted in Christ. The living word of God is evident in her life.  She’s helped guide me through the Holy Spirit when I lost my way.  She’s helped bring me back to rooted word that brings life to me.  In the midst of heartache I found the renewal of my mind by constant guidance that relied on nothing but the word of God.  I’m blessed to say Kemi has been an impactful person in my life.  She’s a friend, assertive, but loving and kind.  She’s truly a beautiful soul and person inside and out.  She’s a sister to me. If you are considering guidance in business or even relationships in general from family to what you believe may be a God ordained spouse, know she won’t sugarcoat anything and be transparent where the Holy Spirit reveals.

    📖 Luke 1:37
    -Belen Ruiz




    OPEN FEB 16,2023

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