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April's Masterclass

Every day most of us struggle with the balance between the two…faith and fear.


We know to pray and “trust God,” and on the outside we do. We know how to respond and what to say…we know to repeat the Word, and with a stiff smile repeat, “Nothing is impossible with God…” but when it comes to our thoughts we get to see the actual meditation of our heart.


For most of us, it’s fear. “What if this never happens for me?”


“What if NOTHING is impossible with God, but THIS is impossible for me?”


The fear isn’t necessarily that God isn’t who He says He is…the fear for many is that even with God being all that He says He is that we might still miss out…we might still fall short…we might still have believed, moved, prayed, prepared, and even changed and hoped in vain…that at the end of this process and all this pruning there might still be pain and disappointment waiting for us rather than dreams fulfilled.


So many of us are motivated more consistently in this season not by faith, but by the fear that we are going to miss what God has for us. 


Many of us can’t rest, can’t get this promise off of our minds, can’t pursue our purpose in the meantime, can’t stop monitoring them and this situation, can’t stay encouraged because we are terrified at the core of our hearts that we are going to miss our part in the love story God has for us.


That’s not the place we have to live and move and operate from though. The promises God has made, while requiring obedience and surrender and trust, aren’t meant to keep us in a place of feeling punished, and having to strive for perfection in and of ourselves to earn and prove and work ourselves into what God has spoken. 


There can be rest in this space even before you see fulfillment. That fear isn’t the only option on your way to what God has spoken. There’s another way, there’s another place for us…

Let's talk about it in this month's masterclass, Fear of Missing Out!

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